1. Descriptions of Documents
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Descriptions of Documents


Documentary papyri are divided into four broad types, and several subtypes. In some cases the subtypes may be further divided into variations for a more fine-grained distinction. Each type, subtype and variation will be described here in detail. However, as this work is still in progress, only a selection of descriptions is currently available.


The description is usually divided into three sections: the structure of the text content, the format of the papyrus, and the layout of the text on the page.

How To Read


To reference papyri, we use the Trismegistos identifiers (TM numbers) [Depauw and Gheldof 2014], which link either:

  • to a page in the grammateus website;
  • to the corresponding papyri.info page.



How to Cite

Ferretti, L., Fogarty, S., Nury, E., Nury, E., Schubert, P. Grammateus Project: Descriptions of Greek Documentary Papyri. grammateus project. DOI: 10.26037/yareta:dcwtvoyjrfhhbkistkv3f2jot4